Who is on the Marina committee?

Two Real Estate attorneys and two Realtors. Heather Keith, Marilyn Israel,  Shelby Smith and Barbara Haggerty. The four have Real Estate Management, Development, and/or sales backgrounds. These four long time Civic Association members have been following multiple development plans, back to the first Pier 17 plan several(12) years ago.

Please come to the June 21, 7:OO pm meeting at Hortt Center where the new owners will make their presentation. It is a complex development best explained in person. The developer has already presented their Harbour 26 (61 boat) plan to the Marine Advisory Board and the DRC (Development Review Committee). Shady Banks was represented at both those 2 meetings. Many thanks to those neighbors who were able to make the time to be there.

What are our goals?

 Our Shady Banks’ goals are to have street safety/traffic, restrictive use of club house for boat owners only, development  within their property lines, protection of  Keith Preserve, the most compatible design for the neighborhood, and to have restrictions on all zoning changes, limited to their plan’s intent.

Bring a neighbor on Wed. June 21. If you are not a member yet…please pay the minimal $10.00 per year per household annual dues. The Association is all volunteers, who care about Shady Banks. Show your support by signing up. Forms will be available at the door or mail in the form found on page 4 of the News Letter. Membership is the strength of any organization.

Barbara Haggerty

Chairman Marine Affairs Committee.