Marina Update 6/14/17

On June 14th, members of Shady Banks Marine Advisory Board, Barbara Haggerty, Shelby Smith, and Marilyn Israel, and myself, Jeanette Carr, met with Harbor 26 representative, Colby Cooper, at Hortt Community Center.

Mr. Cooper advised the site plan was in the process of being redesigned to incorporate neighborhood compatibility and address Shady Banks concerns. The committee feels a presentation at this time would be premature as the revised site plan and their DRC application are not yet complete. Because of this, we felt it would be to our benefit to delay any presentation until the revised site plan and  DRC application are completed and available for review.

We will keep you informed when the developer’s presentation is scheduled….may be as early as next month. If for any reason you might not be able to attend this Civic Association meeting when scheduled, please submit your concerns to one of the below for inclusion.

Barbara Haggerty [email protected]

Marilyn Israel  [email protected]

Shelby Smith  [email protected]

Jeanette Carr  [email protected]

Heather Keith  [email protected]


Mr. Cooper’s  comments at this meeting:

The following is being considered by developer, based upon Shady Banks input, in their redesign concepts:

  1. Open covered shed on all sides
  2. Reducing number and size of storage buildings located in front of slips
  3. Looking at whether a reduction of height of the covered shed (for some of the smaller slips) is feasible (given height of antennas, radar, navigation dome, etc.).
  4. Reduce size of clubhouse.