Shady Banks Civic Association Meeting
Hortt Community Center

Agenda: Nov. 18, 2015…..7pm

Police Report:

Minutes: Approval Oct.21, 2015 General Neighborhood Meeting minutes.

Treasury: Approval of Nov. 18, 2015 Treasury report

Committee Reports:

Hay Ride …Gene Groves
Flea Market…Gene Groves, # homes vs. at Hortt
GYR… Hadny Fayyaz, new trees for Hort
City & Council of Civic Association Report…Shelby Smith

Old business:

1. New Crime watch signs …Gene Groves, look at options and approve order for 4 signs
2. Marina update …Shelby, who at City engineering handling this
3. Davie Wall…Barb Haggerty …no word back as yet

NEW Business:

Hotel Construction north side of Davie Blvd. at I95
Elections/ nominations Dec. 2015 , vote Jan. 2016