stucco-repair-xOn July 2, 2015, FDOT Project Management Engineer, /Robert Lopez sent an update for
the long awaited Davie wall repair project. The project was originally let 5/20/2015. After careful review of the bids and associated questions/concerns that were raised, a decision was made to re-let the bid.

The new projected schedule will be:

Design plans and Bid package complete: 10/05/2015

Project Letting: 12/04/2015

Construction Notice to Proceed: 1/28/2016

This is disappointing but will hopefully be the last postponement.

The wall will be refaced with concrete not stucco. A rounded cap will be added, then all will be repainted the neutral color used by FDOT. I have requested any graffiti be painted over with the same paint as to have a uniform color along the entire wall. I have also requested as much landscaping be preserved as possible. Unfortunately, the project does not include landscaping.

I urge all homeowners along the wall to sign the FDOT permission forms. The concrete improvement should make the wall last much longer than the current stucco finish that cracks and leaks. If you do not sign the forms you will take on responsibility of wall maintenance yourself. When the old stucco crumbles, FDOT will not be back out.

Need a form? Please contact me.

Barbara Haggerty, President, Shady Banks Civic Assoc.