Household hazardous waste generally includes products with toxic ingredients or components which require special disposal to prevent pollution to waterways, groundwater, air and soil, as well as to prevent poisoning or otherwise endangering humans, pets or wildlife. Many of the products we use for cleaning, painting and gluing, and automotive, pool and lawn maintenance fall into this category, as do medications and electronic components.

Household hazardous waste does not include industrial waste or construction debris which must be disposed according to specialized regulations and are not accepted at drop-off events.

Remember, it is dangerous and illegal to place any oil wastes, dangerous substances or hazardous material for garbage collection. (Code of Ordinances Article I Sec. 24-25)

Visit Green Your Routine for more information and see below list as a guide for products.

What to Bring on July 29

See Drop-Off Outside an Event? Report Environmental Crimes!

We strive to make waste disposal convenient, but there are those who disrespect our guidelines and our environment. We need your help. Dumping trash and/or household hazardous waste onto private or City property, or into a storm drain is considered an environmental crime and it’s illegal. If you witness illegal dumping or any environmental crime, please call (954) 828-5700. Be prepared to provide the suspect’s description, tag number, and a vehicle description, including any markings, damage, or business name imprinted on it. Phone calls will be confidential and, if desired, callers will remain anonymous.