seawall-concretePlease find attached the version of the proposed ordinance which will be presented to the Commission for the first of two public readings on June 7.  Key modifications are described below.

The remaining stakeholder meetings and public hearings are shown below. Final Version for Approval on June 7/June 21.

See attachment: SECOND REVISED Proposed Seawall Ordinance ULDR 47-19 3 05182016 clean

May 18, 6:30 pm               Planning and Zoning Board – Public Hearing RESULT:                                                                                     Ordinance Recommended to Commission for Adoption

May 23, 6:30 pm               Sustainability Advisory Board –  8th Floor City Hall

June 7, 6:00 pm                 First Public Reading – City Commission- Commission Chambers

June 21, 6:00 pm              Second Public Reading – City Commission- Commission Chambers



Key Ordinance Modifications:

  • Adds definitions for seawall, North American Vertical Datum and rip rap;
  • Sets a minimum seawall elevation at 3.9 feet NAVD88 (current allowable max);
  • Recommends design of seawall for future height adjustment;
  • Sets an allowable maximum height of the seawall based on a property’s base flood elevation;
  • Requires seawall reconstruction to the minimum elevation if the substantial repair threshold is triggered;
  • Requires maintaining seawalls in good repair and sets a timeline of 365 days for completion of repairs if cited;
  • Requires owners to prevent tidal waters entering their property from impacting others and sets a timeline of 365 days for remedy if cited;
  • Allows fixed docks to extend 10 inches above the adjacent seawall; and
  • Allows for floating docks  and requires them to be permitted and permanently attached.


Key Changes from the May 3 version presented at Commission Conference:

1)            Minor text changes in the title and preamble;

2)            Addition of a definition for Rip Rap;

3)            Allowing property owners with a finished floor elevation of less than 3.9 feet NAVD88 to seek a waiver from the City Engineer to construct a lower seawall;

4)            Technical clarification related to the impermeability of the seawall to tidal flows; and

5)            Relaxing of the requirement to design for future extension of the seawall to a recommendation for design.