Shady Banks Civic Association Meeting

Hortt Community Center

Agenda: Dec. 16, 2015…..7pm

Police Report:agenda

Minutes: Approval Nov. 18, 2015 General Neighborhood Meeting minutes.

Treasury: Approval of Dec.16, 2015 Treasury report

Nominations: 2016 Board of Directors of Shady Banks Civic Association. The Board has approved a 10 member Board for 2016 as called for in our by-laws. All nominees will be placed on a ballot for the Jan. vote.

Those making a motion to nominate must be a paid up Shady Banks Civic Association member. Those nominated must be present to accept nomination and be a paid up member of the Shady Banks Civic Association. Please check your membership status before making or accepting nominations with our membership chair Jeanette Carr at the entrance. We will ask Jeanette or Don Haggerty, treasurer, to verify all membership statuses at time of the motion.

2015 Recap of Board Accomplishments , presented by Barbara Haggerty

1. Park:

2. Wall & Security:

3. Marina:

4. Traffic:

5. News Letters:

6. Flea Markets:

7. Movies in the Park:

Comment by Barb Haggerty: I wish to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all the 2015 Board Members who by agreeing to follow procedures at all times, and by agreeing to disagree agreeably, and by voting always keeping in mind what is best for the entire community. The job you do is often thankless. You do this service, taking time away from your personal life, to give back to your community. I THANK YOU!

Old business:

1. New Crime watch signs …Gene Groves to bring several options for vote to approve the order for 4


NEW Business:

1. New Date for hay ride availability- Gene Groves.

For the Good of the Community…Questions from the floor